Styling Your Home With Eames Style Chairs

The Eames chair design dates back to the 1950s. The name comes from its creators, the famous furniture designers Ray and Charles Eames.

The original 1956 version differs from the more modern fiberglass version of today. The style that many are familiar with and that is featured in our UrbanMod collection is molded into a shell shape. A fun fact is that the chairs were originally intended to be patio furniture, but they became so popular and easily transitioned into interior spaces.

That is one of the great advantages of decorating your home with an Eames style chair--they are super versatile. You can just as easily place them in an office as you could the dining and kitchen area. You could even use our children’s set in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. They are easy to clean and durable. Whether you are styling a bedroom, the foyer or the kitchen and dining areas with Eames chairs, here are some key tips to remember:

1. Include them in a breakfast nook.

The Eames style chair’s versatility make it a furniture item that can easily transition from room to room. One of the most common and best places to feature them is in the dining area. Another, more creative option that is becoming more popular is the breakfast nook. Add a few Eames chairs to a breakfast nook and pair them with a bench to amplify your seating capacity.

2. In kitchens and dining areas, use smooth surfaces.

When using the chairs at a dining table setting, it should be paired with a sleek, smooth table.  Because the chairs are constructed to look like one smooth molded piece of fiberglass, they would clash with vintage tables that have lots of ornamentation and carvings. Instead, they look best with equally sleek and smooth tables.

3. Add flair with textiles.

Sleek is far from boring though. Add a pop of color and character with a throw pillow or blanket. Our chairs come in black and white, perfect for pairing with anything. It also provides a great base to add in color and patterns, if that is your preference. The best part is that if you get tired of the look or want to revamp it, all you need to do is switch the pillows. It saves you the investment and hassle of buying new furniture.

4. Create a focal point with rugs.

An interesting rug can tie a whole room together. Eames style chairs go wonderfully with bright, patterned and eye-catching rugs. The minimal design isn’t distracting and won’t make the room look too busy when placed on top of or close to a rug. Bedroom and living areas are perfect spaces to test out rug and chair combinations, but you can use them in almost any room.

This iconic chair design may have originated more than 50 years ago, but it is the perfect addition to any modern home. View our Eames style chair sets and other furniture pieces from the UrbanMod collection here.